These pure and natural supplement for male virility is produced with the most advanced herbal extraction technology. Specifically designed for male virility/deficiency, the daily endurance and well being.  The key ingredient Tongkat Ali defers Andropause, which promotes and boosts your testosterone levels resulting in enhancement of sexual prowess.  In addition, Siberian GinsengDodder and Rosea Laevigata intensifies the effect and improves the penile blood flow.  These positive results promotes a healthy prostate, enlarges the penile Spongiosum, resulting in reviving the youthfulness and vigor.

Made In Canada



The perfect blend for the best result!

Perfectly Balanced

You deserve better!

With a busy and demanding lifestyle, Virility for Men will help those to maximize each day by eliminating fatigue and stress.  All while improving testosterone level, boosting libido, maintaining balanced prostate.

Allowing you to live life to the FULLEST!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

1 capsule for 3 consecutive nights, then continue with a rotation of 1 capsule every 2 or 3 days.

There was a rigorous research of sourcing the safest and the most effective herbal ingredients to produce Virility fo Men. Thus, the side effects are minimal. Some may encounter a slight headache and some minor skeletal pain in the upper back after a capsule or two.  Most did not feel any side effects at all during the study.

Over 830 males tested within the 4 year period, with a 95% positive success rate.

Your prostate will become healthier, meaning fewer visits to the washroom. Which translates into better sleep, and being less tired the next day.

Ingredients sourced from Indonesia and China, and the manufacturing of the capsules is done right in Toronto, Canada.

These herbs were meticulously searched in various regions of Indonesia and China, for that perfect blend for best results.  Tonghat Ali, Siberian Gingsen, Rosea Laevigata ( Cherokee rose ) are some of the key ingredients in the formulation of the product.

Virility For Men capsules are purely herbal supplements that promote a healthy prostate, builds the lost testosterone due to aging, bring vigor and stamina back into your system, reducing stress & fatigue, while enhancing one’s sexual prowess daily.

Please check with your family doctor before trying, as it is not recommended for someone who has had or developed a cardiovascular condition.

As recommended in the dosage page to start the course. Please remember, this is a commitment to better health, less frequent bathroom visits or none, feeling youthful every day, a significant difference in your vitality challenges due to penile blood flow.


I’m 62 and could no longer regularly get a full hard on so I tried Virility for Men. I’ve used it three times over the past week and on each occasion I’ve got a full hard on and lasted the entire time 20/30 minutes. That is absolute great product much more than I expected. My wife was so happy to our sex. I felt that I was back to the age 20s. I get a minor headache and back pains at the beginning to take the capsules as the brochure described, But all headache and back pains were gone after I taken 6 capsules. I am very happy for the results of this products. I will continue to take it as my daily vitamin.

Mr. L from Toronto

I’m 51, and over the past few years, my body hasn’t been cooperating with my physical as well as emotional desire for intimacy. I couldn’t maintain a firm, lasting erection. After talking to my doctor, he recommended me with Virility for Men. My results were staggering! It’s like being in my twenties again! Firm, long lasting, skin splitting erections. My “recovery time” after climax is very fast. My lady love and I have enjoyed full days of alone time with literally hours of extremely satisfying love making. I hope all men suffering from ED can experience the results that I have. My confidence and self esteem are back, and we couldn’t be happier! The only side effects I experienced were slightly dry mouth. Water at bedside keeps that from being an issue.

Mr. M from Markham

Age 40’s.I have started using very recently as I am age range 40’s.I felt ED when love making with my GF and I was upset about it . I always can get up and had issue with keeping up. It was getting softer. Did lot of research and talked my GP about ED treatment. We have started with Virility for Men one week ago. I took one capsule per day in the first week. I am very – very happy how it helps me . I got a rock hard erection. I do not see any side effect affect after taking .

Mr. R from North York

Age 43. I recently got the Virility for Men. I can get erections just not as easy as when I was young. 43 now it was definitely messing up my confidence in the bedroom an wife was thinking I wasn’t attracted to her. Wow this definitely 100% better! I was told to take one capsule per day at beginning week and it worked for me. I was able to confidently perform it was like I was in my 20s again! Wife is very impressed changed our sex life back to satisfaction wife and I were able to smile again after sex.

Mr. W from Montreal

I am 77 years old. Duration and firmness of my erections were becoming less. Have been taking Virility for Men for 2 months during which time I’ve had sex 8 times. Every time was great, l strong long lasting erections. A month ago I reduced the dosage from one capsule per day to every other day  which did not reduce the effectiveness. I am delighted with a rejuvenated sex life! I’m sure my orgasms are more interesting too. Thanks this great product for men.

Mr. L from Mississauga

Age. 63. Just recently started using to treat ED. For the last 5 years I was never able to get an erection firm enough for penetration. My doctor recommended I try the Virility for Men with masturbation before using it for sex with my wife. I took one capsule daily for a week, it worked well, the firm erection within 30 minutes. Still able to get an erection in the next morning after taking. No side effects. I am 63 years old and my wife is thrilled. She thought that part of our relationship was finished and it bothered us both. This is a godsend.

Mr. Z from Ottawa

Age 58. Virility for Men Capsules worked amazing. Results kicked in, Had firm and lasting erection. Gave me confidence to take my time and enjoy my wife with a very firm erection. (whereas usually it takes her lube and hand to get me there, then we rush). I was very happy to take my time with a firm erection. which used to take a perfect situation for me to achieve (wait 5 days between intercourse/ non stressful day). I had no side effects other than feelings light headache but that only lasted for the few days at beginning. Amazing results. I am really looking forward to using up the Virility for Men.

Mr. S from Calgary


1 Bottle

One month supply.  For your first treatment:
– Take 1 capsule for 3 consecutive nights
– Then take 1 capsule every 3 days.

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3 Bottle

1st bottle for treatment, 2nd for consolidation & the 3rd for continuous balance.

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We are actively looking for partners in various regions, or to become an authorized distributor and/or wholesaler of our product.

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